Multiple border syntax

Under Linux, the following feature exists and works well: the instruction
border bordername(t=0,1;i) { … X[i]…}
generates a set of borders with index i, one for each component of the array X.
Unfortunately, this feature does not work for FreeFEM++ 14.3 on Windows 10.

FreeFEM++ 14.3 on Windows 10.

what is this version? I think it is too old version !!!

Hello Frédéric !

Thank you for your message
I’m sorry for the incomplete information : this is FreeFem+±cs 14.3 environment under Windows with FreeFem 3.26-3

Best regards


The version 3;26 is too old (09/12/2013) no issues change of version
and remove freefem+±cs ( complelty obsolete).