Iso value in a plot

Is there any way I can fix min and max of iso value in a freedom plot?
Actually I want the same number representing same color in two different codes so that I can compare based on colored area, so I thought if I fix the iso max and iso min, I will get that.

you can set the value of plot isovalue with


where the value of psiviso array is:

real[int] psiviso(31);
{int k=0;
for(int i=-20;i<0;i++)
 psiviso[k++] = i*2./3.*(H-0.5)/20;
for(int i=0;i<=10;i++)
 psiviso[k++] = i*2./3.*(H-0.5)/100/(H*H*H);

hi thanks, does it mean if I use this array in two different codes, the color palette will be same? I want same number represent same color in two different codes. I thought I can do it by fixingI minimum of iso value say 0.1 and max1.1 in every code so that it gives me same color range

Here the same va is the same color , try !!!