Integration over a part of the big domain

I have a mesh defined on x as (-20,20) and y as (-20,20). The mesh space is defined on this domain lengths. However I would like to integrate a P2 variable over a certain part of the domain given by x’=(-2,10) and y’=(-2,2). Is there a specific way to integrate over this specific part of domain? Any help is appreciated.

fespace Ph(Th, P0);
Ph chi = (x > -2 && x < 10 && y > -2 && y < 2);
real myInt = int2d(Th)(chi * u);
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It works. Thank you very much @prj

@prj Continuing on the above question, I would like to ask if there is also a way to obtain a solution variable over a certain part of the domain? I have the 2-dimensional solution field over the entire domain but I would like to store the 2-dimensional solution on a part of the domain given by x’=(-2,10) and y’=(-2,2). Thanks in advance.

I’d advise you to read the documentation. It can be easily achieved, for example by using the trunc function, followed by an interpolation from your orginal fespace to a newly defined fespace on your trunc'ed mesh.

Thanks @prj for pointing out the reference.

@prj I have 1-dimensional velocity field, defined in a finite difference space and I would like to import the 1-D velocity field and use it as a boundary condition on the inlet of the finite element mesh defined by a label. Is there is an easy way of performing this operation in Freefem++? Any help will be appreciated.

How is that related to this topic?

@prj It is not related to the topic. I posted this as a separate question but never got any suggestions and hence just asked the question directly to you.