Info about mesh quality

Dear FreeFem users,

I’d like to know if there is an option to get information about mesh quality such as :

  • the quality of a tetrahedron, or the quality of all elements and indicate the worst one
  • the volume of a tetrahedron
  • the length of the edges of a tetrahedron

Thanks in advance!


first I think that the mesh generator given this value,

but radius rho of inscribe sphere in tetrahedron K isgiven by
rho(K) = 6 V(K)/S(K) where V(K) is the volume of K and S(K) is the area of the
surface of K.

so in freefem in see this examples:

mesh-quality.edp|attachment](upload://16y6CexNMWGudRVvldnQnNptLnn.edp) (1.1 KB)

Of course, the mesh generator gives this value but I’d like to use it in FreeFem to impose some conditions.

Sorry, the attachment failed. I don’t have access to the example. Can you load it again? Thank you !