Improved doc for adding new finite element space


I know the guide for adding a new space in the documentation. Actually have read it many times, but still looks very cryptic.

May I ask someone who understands the details to improve this part of the documentation please? :pray:

Once I spend a couple of days to implement a new space and couldn’t get it %100 right after putting lot of time. Thanks to Frédéric, I explained the element and he implemented it for me. Now I want to try a new element and still having problem. I can send the paper here again and ask for someone to help. However, would be much better if the documentation is improved for once and then everyone can use it. Thanks

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Yes, it’s possible.
This chapter will be updated at the beginning of September at the latest, with a tuto for adding P2 2D and first order Raviart-Thomas in 3D.