Implement itereative method


Hi everyone, i’m working on a fluid structure interaction problem and I want to solve it with the iteration method on the image.
With Gamma_0 a circle (r=1) contained in a bigger circle Gamma (r=6).

The iteration part of my code is:
fespace Vh(Th,P2);
Vh psi,v;
Vh ro = 1.0;
fespace ZVh(Local,P2);

for(int i = 0; i < 2; i++){
solve potential(psi,v) =

  • int2d(Th)(ro*((dx(psi)dx(v)+dy(psi)dy(v))+eps(psi)(v)))
  • int1d(Th,BigCircle)(ro * Ub*(N.x+N.y) * v);

ZVh ZcoeffPot, coeffPot;
coeffPot = -1.0*(dx(psi)^2 + dy(psi)^2);
ro = (1+(gamma-1)/(gamma+1)coeffPot)^(1/gamma - 1);
ZVh Zro = ro;
ZcoeffPot = -1.0
plot(ZcoeffPot, fill = 1, value = 1);

And I’d like to know if my code is correct for the iteration (just for this part). Thank you for your help.