Hyphens/Dashes in variable name

Dear developers,

So far, it seems that FreeFEM does not allow variable names with hyphens or dashes, for instance:

real a_variable_with_hyphens = 3;

Is there a good reason for this ? Sometimes, using hyphens improves readability over the use of capital letters. Although this is certainly not an urgent feature to add, this would be nice to do, unless there is a very good reason for this.


The FF document explains this point and you may check it.

See here: "

The variable name is just an alphanumeric string, the underscore character _ is not allowed, because it will be used as an operator in the future.

Thanks !
And does anyone happen to know to what kind of operator the underscore will implement ?


It is supposed to be for automatic differentiation.

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Thanks, this is clear. Looking forward to see this in a coming future then.