How to plot the pressure distribution on the boundary

For example for an airfoil after computing the pressure distribution in the domain i want only the data on the airfoil how can i plot it?

You should use an external tool like Paraview to do this. See:

thanks for helping well in Paraview we can plot the data on a line but i want to plot over an airfoil and its not a straight line. how to do it

Check here?

I tried this but paraview just plotted a small scale in lower left and claimed
z was identially zero. Did I need to build with some support enabled? The
file looks like XML with binary encoded data so I can’t tell b looking at it if itis
right. Do I need to pick some menu thing in paraview to get the result
shown on the webpage? Thanks.


I’m sorry, but I am by no means a “power user” of Paraview. I suggest you look for an answer on the Paraview forums.

I had to put the paraview file into a zip but can anyone open this
and see if it works? I got nothing but 2 axes in lower left. Thanks. (2.9 KB)