How can I simulate a system in hours instead of seconds?

Hi. This is quite a general question related to numerical methods. I have a transient model in which the unit of time is seconds, but I want to simulate the system over a number of hours. The problem is that my model requires quite a small timestep of dt=0.01s which means that to simulate the system for a period of just 5 seconds, my timeloop must have a length of 500 and this takes a particularly long time to solve (computation time on the scale of hours)! So, the time it would take to simulate the system over a number of hours would be impractically large.

How can I get over this issue? Could I just convert the time unit from seconds to hours by rewritting all model parameters in terms of hours; e.g. 1 meter/second becomes 3600 meters/hour? This way, I could have a timestep of dt=0.01hr. Many thanks!