Generate 3D PostScript out of plot

Hi there,

I’m trying to save a plot in 3D. Meaning: I have a function and when I use plot, I want to save the image that appears after I press 3 (giving me the 3D view) using postscript ps.
I’ve figured out that in the plot function I can set dim=3 and the view is in 3D. But even then, the post script output file is the picture from the 2D view.
In the documentation I also read about savevtk but it’s not clear to me if this vtk output file will be an image? I’ve tried to use it as explained in 6.4.4 Paraview, but I don’t know what to do with the output.

I’ve attached a small example of what I mean.
PostScript-Plot.edp (93 Bytes)

Thanks in advance.

I am not familiar with the plot command - I strongly recommend you try out savevtk + paraview. The basic operations in paraview are not hard to figure out on your own, and I think there is a large amount material (e.g. youtube videos) on how to use paraview.

Hi @aszaboa,
Thanks for your input. I’ve looked into Paraview but I can’t find how it can do what I’m looking for.
What I want is to save the following (without having to make a screenshot of it of course):

Do you know how to do this in Paraview?

I think you need the WarpByScalar filter.

Perfect, thank you very much!