Function "dscalprod"

Hi all,

After a while without updating FreeFem (around 3.62), I am trying to now trying to update my codes. In earlier version I was using the function dscalprod which seems not to exist anymore. I guess the syntax slightly changed but I cannot figure out how…
Can anyone help me with this? (or am I missing something)

Thank you,

Salut Julien,
Good to see you are updating, things have changed quite a bit since 3.62 :smiley:
Instead of using a partition of unity (stored as a real[int]), this step is now hidden using the syntax A(u, v), where A is a Mat or Mat<complex>. See line 43 of this example, which computes a L_2 norm. Let me know if something is not clear to you.

Salut Pierre, merci!
It seems pretty clear. I’ll return to you if something unexpected shows up.