FreeFEM extension for Visual Studio Code

An update to the FreeFEM extension for the Visual Studio Code IDE ( VS Code) has dropped !

In addition to providing syntax highlighting for your FreeFEM scripts, it now allows you to run the currently open FreeFEM .edp file by launching FreeFEM (provided it is already installed on our system) either via the command palette, a key binding (Ctrl/Cmd/Win+Shift+R by default) or the editor menu:

Additionally, it parses the current file for command-line parameters and number of MPI processes that you can specify using // PARAM and // NBPROC, so you can easily run it in parallel too ! For example, using -wg -ns flags and 4 MPI processes:

Thanks to Pierre Marchand for the extension ! Install it now (look for the vscode-FreeFEM extension on the Marketplace) and make your life easier using FreeFEM ! Feel free to post any feedback you may have here.