Failures in make check

I am very new to this. I recently installed FreeFem 4.13 by compiling the source. I see the following failures on “make check” :

XFAIL: Stokes-P2pnc3d.edp
FAIL: LapComplexEigenValue.edp
FAIL: LapnosymComplexEigenValue.edp
FAIL: LapEigenValueFuncComplex.edp

The full make log is available at :

I suspect at least part of the problem is this known issue :

If this is the issue, I don’t understand where I should switch from using EigenValue() to EPSSolve() or what, if any, type casting I need to do to give EPSSolve() the type of argument it needs. Perhaps the change could be made in the repo to avoid this known issue?

I’m also not sure how much this matters, perhaps they are simply demonstration programs that I can live without?

Any thoughts appreciated.



It appears you did not install PETSc, so you cannot use EPSSolve().

Thanks, I did not even realize PETSc was a separate package. Apologies, I am very new at this. I’m looking into it now.

Can you tell me if the errors, as they stand, are a big concern?

Thanks again,


I’m looking into it now.

There is not much to look into, just follow these steps, and it should be working (with PETSc): GitHub - FreeFem/FreeFem-sources: FreeFEM source code

Can you tell me if the errors, as they stand, are a big concern?

It depends on what you want to do with the library.