Error while loading msh3

i am new to freefem++ while trying to load msh3 file to create a 1d mesh , I am getting this error
(base) amit@amit:~/my-project$ FreeFem++ i2d.edp
– FreeFem++ v4.9 ( - git no git)
Load: lg_fem lg_mesh lg_mesh3 eigenvalue
1 : load “medit”
Load error: medit
dlerror : /usr/lib/ff++/4.9/lib/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
list prefix: ‘./’ ‘/usr/lib/ff++/4.9/lib/’ list suffix: ‘’ , ‘.so’
current line = 1
Load error : medit
line number :1, medit
error Load error : medit
line number :1, medit
code = 2 mpirank: 0

First 4.9 is very old version
I think you have no graphic (freeglut) on you computer !

thanks installed version 4.13 , now working