Error running make on SCALAPACK


I’m trying to reinstall FreeFem++ v4.7 in a new computer (MacOs version 10.15.7).

At the step make petsc-slepc , it gives me this error message:

>     *******************************************************************************
>              UNABLE to CONFIGURE with GIVEN OPTIONS    (see configure.log for details):
>     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     Error running make on SCALAPACK
>     *******************************************************************************
>     make: *** [petsc-3.13.5/tag-conf-real] Error 1 

With configure.log (1.3 MB)

And i can’t solve this problem. Could someone please help me?

Thank you !

Why do you need to re-open a post? Problem when compiling SCALAPACK
This is fixed in the develop branch, as answered in the original post (branch petsc-3.14.0 has been merged in develop since then).

when I do
git clone -b petsc-3.14.0
it says
fatal: La branche distante petsc-3.14.0 n'a pas été trouvée dans le dépôt amont origin

Just read my message in full, please…

It works now from the develop branch.