Erreur de compilation

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Comment corriger cet erreur svp

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current line = 169
Exec error : Try to get unset x,y, …
– number :1
Exec error : Try to get unset x,y, …
– number :1
err code 8 , mpirank 0
try getConsole C:\Users\ADMIN\Desktop\thÞse\these1.txt
save log in : ‘C:\Users\ADMIN\Desktop\thÞse\these1.txt.log’
wait enter ?

Generaly in line 169 you have a mistake
Vh u; // en finite element function

in line 169 you write some thing using variable u but
but to use u x,y must be set before to get the value of u a point x,y .

i don’t understand well. Please can you explain me in another word

c’est vrai que j’ai définir des fonctions comme sin (x) et sin(y).
je ne vois pas comment définir x,y

Yes but I need the edp script.


(Attachment Code2 is missing)

hi professeur.
This is my script .

code_frefem++.edp (6.63 KB)

you mesh is crazy:

mesh3 Th= cube(1,1,1,[0.02x,0.01y,0.01*y]) ;
it is flat objet!

yes I work with a thin plate.