Creating Animations/ Video of plot

Hi, I was working on a project which in which i had to measure properties of fluid flow, so we ploting the solution to one field variable every 0.01 sec. But for post processing, I needed to create a video or animation of some sort, is there any way to obtain a .mov or mp4 file of the plots or save all the plots as jpg in a folder, where i can combine them up to make a video

There are probably a lot of utilities for that although ffmpeg may be a good one,
not sure if imagemagick does it or not,

I guess FF supports something like vtk and not sure if those packages have
other means to do that. Personally I’ve always wanted an app-independent
data view like an oscilloscope and had a real crude one a decade or so ago
but the FF ff-glut renewed my interest. Ideally you just write to a fifo and it
displays and saves etc. If anyone knows of a package like that it may
be nice to have.

There are probably a lot of video editor programs out there if you really
want to get fancy though. I just like simple things that integrate well.

Sorry, but i am a newbie to freeFem and am unable to understand the later part of your answer. I would be grateful if you could elaborate it in simpler way.
Thank you

This illustrates post script output,

and you can make file names based on loop variables.
From there it should be a matter of picking utilities.

I guess another option is to use a screen capture utility with plot. This sounds
cumbersome but if you really want to capture the exact screen output
you could make the plot, write to a fifo, and then have another script that
captures the plot ( with pid discovered somehow I guess ) .
I only mention it since I happen to be doing something similar with c++
processing code dumping dofs to files processing and sending bck to FF.