Building a mesh from meshL and mesh

Hi guys,

I was wondering if it’s possible to create a mesh combining meshL and normal mesh or if there’s a way to make these two meshes compatible.

For exemple, say I have a triangle
meshL would be the mesh over the edges of this triangle
mesh would be the mesh inside the triangle

Is there a way to guarantee that nodes from mesh are nodes from the meshL?

If anyone know something about this, I would be greatful!

Perhaps the emptymesh command is helpful?

Unfortunally, no.
What I need is two independent meshes but they need to be compatible.
For example, on the first mesh I need a polynomial space over the partitioned edge, it would be something like a P0 over each pice, in total, 10 dofs
For the second square, P0 over the edges would give me 20 dofs
But the mesh inside, I can refine as much as I want, as long as the nodes for the edge partition matches the mesh in the volume

I believe what you are asking for could be achieved with emptymesh + movemesh, as long as the geometry is as simple as the one you’ve sketched.

Suppose the lower triangle is called ThL. Then do the following to create the upper triangle:

  1. Use emptymesh to create a copy of ThL without any internal triangles: (e.g.: ThLcopy = emptymesh(ThL);)
  2. Use movemesh to reflect this copy across the diagonal edge.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think I explained myself right.

This is the scenario, it’s two different meshes, but they need to be compatible

I tried to use emptymesh, but it’s not doing this