Address and location of source

I am trying to find the source files in Linux, (convect function for example). Can someone help me find where files are installed?

OK, is not so difficult,

first go in directory src of the distribution

after find '“convert” in all source files

brochet:src hecht$ grep '"convect"' */*pp
fflib/lgfem.cpp:  Global.Add("convect", "(", new OneOperatorCode< Convect >);
brochet:src hecht$ 

after find the word ‘Convect’

brochet:src hecht$ grep -n  'Convect' */*pp
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2261:class Convect : public E_F0mps {
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2269:  Convect(const basicAC_F0 &args) : u(0), v(0), w(0), ff(0), dt(0) {
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2290:    if (verbosity > 3) cout << "\n  -- Convert number of Convect case:  .... " << state << endl;
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2301:  static E_F0 *f(const basicAC_F0 &args) { return new Convect(args); }
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2308:Expression Convect::ou = 0;
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2309:Expression Convect::ov = 0;
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2310:Expression Convect::ow = 0;
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2311:Expression Convect::odt = 0;
fflib/lgfem.cpp:2312:long Convect::count = 0;
fflib/lgfem.cpp:5064:AnyType Convect::operator( )(Stack s) const {
fflib/lgfem.cpp:5071:AnyType Convect::eval2(Stack s) const {
fflib/lgfem.cpp:5117:          cerr << "Fatal  error  in Convect (R2) operator: loop  => velocity too high ???? or NaN "
fflib/lgfem.cpp:5144:AnyType Convect::eval3old(Stack s) const {
fflib/lgfem.cpp:5146:  if (newconvect3) return eval3(s);    //  New Convect in test
fflib/lgfem.cpp:5228:AnyType Convect::eval3(
fflib/lgfem.cpp:6264:  Global.Add("convect", "(", new OneOperatorCode< Convect >);

the function convect is defined in at
fflib/lgfem.cpp:5064:AnyType Convect::operator( )(Stack s) const

good luck

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