Add a dot after the number

Add a dot after the number. Why? Some numbers are followed by a dot, others are not. In any case, it is necessary to add a dot.

complex[int] A(2.+0i:10.0+0i);
real[int] A(2:10);
real[int] A(2.:10.);

A number we a dot is a real and without une dot is integer;

but all number bool, integers real can be casted automatically in a other type, so generally
you have no problem.

OK, I understand. Thank you for your reply. :smiley:

func k = 1.8*(y<0.5) + 0.2;
func k=1.8*(y)+0.2;
What’s the difference between the two?

(y<0.5) is 0 is y >=0.5 and 1 otherwise so it is really different.

(y<0.5) is 0 is y >=0.5 and 1
Hello, professor. In fact, I don’t understand. :joy: