A higher BDM element in Freefem

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to solve the Stokes equations with BDM element in Freefem. However, there seems to be only BDM1 element. It’s so frustrating. Because I want to verify the convergence-order of the error with a higher BDM element. Is there any other way to use a higher BDM element?
Thank you for your help!

Apparently implementation is not trivial. For example, this from circa
2009 posted earlier mentions FF at the time,

maybe someone has a better more current ref on the issues.

Ok, I’ll read this article carefully. Thank you for your reply!

Yes, I know,
If you have time to code :

a papier on this subject:

and the DOF is defini here:

This is more than a half day coding for me,
I can help you.

Wow!I would appreciate it if you could help me implement the code!Thank you!