Zoom Discussion / Session

Dear, the Zoom link for to morrow

Frédéric Hecht vous invite à une réunion Zoom planifiée.

Sujet: Zoom FreeFem++ - Frédéric Hecht
Heure: 4 oct. 2023 09:45 AM Paris

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ID de réunion: 974 2509 0023
Code secret: EZmh6S

Plan of the visio:

  1. Introduction of the session
    Some new about The FreeFEM day in Paris / an Zoom the 7 and 8 dec 2023.

  2. New about the development
    Web site and exemple = P-H Tournier

  3. the idea about the future

  4. Some Question and Remark:
    Please add a comment in this discussion session, to prepare a answer.

PS: for the new user, if you have specific problem , if you now if it is a FreeFEM++ good tool to solve it, we will try to give a answer!